Till the Wheels Come Off

Rocket Man
April 26, 2012, 10:20 pm
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I’m amazed at this boy’s mind.

The other night we came home to find Rocco and his Grammie Ro laying on the floor in his bedroom staring at the wall. She got him a nightlight that projects the solar system on the wall or ceiling – beyond cool. Their conversation took many twists and turns, Rocco never tires of talking about all things rockets & planets and he is never short on imagination either. Here is what Rocco explained to his Grammie, “When a star dies, it turns into a black hole. It’s all black and you can fall and fall and fall, without your mom. That is so sad. But when your dad comes home from work he’ll go in the black hole and look for you and bring you back home, to be with your mom. But you can’t live there, ’cause it’s very muddy… and black. Very, very black.”  Both Tom and I were so fascinated by this conversation, it makes us want to know more of what is going on in that mind of his.

Then this morning when he woke up, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Good morning, Mommy! It sure takes God a long time to put the sun up…that is one big hot ball of gas!”

There is never a dull (or quiet) moment with this boy. I love being his mom, I love watching Tom be his dad, and I will savor all of the moments that are making him the man he is meant to be.

Life with you is an amazing journey, Son.

To the moon and back,



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You’ve done a fantastic job teaching him to communicate. I love chatting it up with Roc. 🙂

Comment by Kristy

He is my Sunshine!!!:)

Comment by Mom

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